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Secure online transaction processing.

Software Registration

Online registration is provided with secure online payment processing. Simply make the required selections, click the Order Now button and follow the prompts.

Software Title
Pricing details are provided on the related sofware page and once you enter the transaction process.

Number of Licenses
Orders for more than 1 License attract a 30% discount.

License Type
Commercial Licenses are three times the Non-Commercial amount.

Secure Transaction Processing is provided via
All software is offered with a 30 day money back guarantee

Registration and delivery is in digital format. Your transaction will be automatically processed and you will receive Registration Details and download information by return email. Payment methods include credit card, check, wire transfer or PayPal account and can be processed online, or by fax. If you have any difficulty please review our Question and Answer Items or Contact Us.

Transactions are processed via
for and onbehalf of Bizpep

The Number of Licenses determines the maximum Number of Users licensed to use this software. For Form1 software the Number of Licenses also determines the maximum Number of Domains on which the code generated by this software can be used. Orders for more than 1 license attract a 30% discount.

Non-Commercial Licenses (Excel Titles Only) are for private and internal business use only. They do not cover the commercial use of software for inter-business support, advice, or consulting. Commercial Licenses allow you to use your software for inter-business support, advice, or consulting. This license type is generally suitable for Accountants, Consultants, Valuers, Realtors and other professionals providing a service to their clients. Software for Commercial use requires a Commercial License.

Conditions of Use

The specific suitability of this software must be independently assessed. Software is provided as is, use is entirely at the users risk, and use acknowledges that Bizpep and all associated parties are held harmless from any claims or losses relating to software provided.

Fee Payment

For fee payment including software development please use the following form. To purchase a software license please use the Software Registration form at the top of this page. To upgrade an existing software license please use our Software License Upgrade page.

Payment Description:

Payment Amount US$:

Secure Transaction Processing is provided via

Input a Payment Description and Payment Amount and then click the Order Now button.

Bizpep Group transactions encompass payments for Bizpep and partner sites.

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